May 15, 2007

Muthanna Province Under Iraqi Control

The Daily Blogster is committed to posting news (both national and Colorado local) that gets ignored by the Main Stream Media because their anti-Republican agenda. This news is not hard to find, just hard to find if you are only watching Television or reading Main Stream papers for your news...or worse, the lefty blogs. The main stream media and many Democrats on the hill have shown contempt for the administration so deep it compromises our security and emboldens the enemy. Their contempt is felt by the troops too.  My apologies for being more of a "linker" than a "thinker" on my posts the last few days, but I am preparing for deployment myself, while I maintain two jobs! (my civilian job and my Navy Reserve job). 

For the citizens in Muthanna Province, living in a secure province that has a government to supporting them and their basic needs is all they’ve ever wanted.

Provincial Iraqi Control (PIC) of Muthanna was passed to the Iraqi government in July of 2006 and has been assisted by the Muthanna Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) since September.

Muthanna became the first Iraqi province to take the lead on governing its own province. This step allowed the provincial police and Iraqi Army to be the first responders’ to any crisis in the province. However, the PRT still helps the government in taking further steps to helping its people.

Read about the progress they are making in the full article here.

For updates on Iraqi news, good, bad and ugly get it from bloggers who are there, go HERE and HERE....stop relying on the main stream media, their agenda is a US loss.
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