May 17, 2007

McCain sticks thumb in the eye of conservatives....again

Hugh Hewitt is  Sounding the Alarm! concerning the latest McCain grandstanding and selling out of his party. He's calling the current (secret meeting) Immigration reform bill "Amnesty Light."

Will Republicans forget McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, Abu Ghraib grandstanding, the Gang of 14, voting against the Bush tax cuts, and now the amnesty plan?
 Not likely, stick a fork in him, he's done.

John McCain's antics throughout 2005-2006 cost the GOP the majority in the Senate. Now he's going to do for Smith, Sununu, Coleman and others what he did for DeWine, Talent and Santorum.

The Republican Party has to know that this is a huge issue not only for its active base but also for its more casual members. What’s more, the issue has enormous potential for the great silent apolitical majority that thinks border security is a matter of common sense, not politics.
You’d have thought the Republican Party would have learned the lesson in 2006 that when you break faith with your fans, some of them will write you off. I guess not.

Of the presidential candidates Mitt Romney is the first to condemn this bill. This would be the best time for Fred Thompson to stand up and join the fight. 
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