May 23, 2007

Last post for the day

El Presidente had asked me to post this a while back *try 10 days ago* and yeah, I've finally gotten around to it!

Don't be upset my dearest, sweetest El Presidente. You just think of it as being fashionably late, like a fine wine that gets better with age, a good thing that was worth the wait, and so on and so on.

BEIJING (Reuters) - A vandal damaged the giant portrait of China's late Chairman Mao Zedong that hangs over the Forbidden City on Saturday, prompting police to clear the area and adjacent Tiananmen Square, witnesses said.

Most of the picture was intact, but workers could be seen in a crane cleaning the lower left area of the huge portrait, which appeared damaged by soot after the vandal hurled a burning object at it. Police were swarming the area.

Read more here.

Hmmm. Burning object? Why when I think of a burning object I automatically think of a flaming bag of dog poo?

*On the topic of poo, I happened to come across this highly strange video:
(probably best NOT to watch while at work)

Next time I'm struggling to fire off a torpedo, I'll just remember to sing this song. Poo poo, ugghh ugghh? Fantabulous!