May 23, 2007

Another reason my children attend a Charter (parent run) School in Jefferson County

Conifer High School prints a yearbook that glorifies drug use, drunkenness, lying to the police and disrespect for the law.....teacher defends it as free speech!

Two pages, labeled "Health - addicted to addictions," included photos showing students holding a bong, drinking from a hose and funnel and exhaling smoke.

Alongside the photos were quotes from students, some named, some anonymous, about their drug use.

"It makes me feel good," an unnamed senior is quoted as saying about marijuana. "It brings people together. If you smoke with someone, you're chill with them."

In another section labeled "Regrets and mistakes" there is a photo of three female students - all identified - holding minor- in-possession tickets they were given by police for underage drinking.

The photo caption quoted one of the girls saying, "I wish I wouldn't have told the cops the truth when they asked who had been drinking because they made it sound like they would be easier on us, but they let everyone else walk out the door

Just another reason why parents run screaming from liberal public schools. This is not a college (which would still be bad) but a school where parents trust the school system with their children.

Kids who do drugs or are disrespectful to authority are looking for adults who think it's typical behavior, will excuse it and even glorify it, they found it at Conifer High School. Reminds me of my public school counselor who smoked pot....all the pot smokers love him, he gave license to their illegal behavior.

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