May 22, 2007

Azhar al-Dulaimi (Iranian Trained Mastermind killed in Iraq)

Multinational Forces Iraq has killed a major player in the kidnapping and murder of five American soldiers during a complex attack on the Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Karbala on January 20th. On May 19, Coalition forces killed Azhar al-Dulaimi during a raid north of Baghdad after he resisted attempts to detain him. Azhar al-Dulaimi is described as the "mastermind" and "tactical commander" of the Karbala attack, as well as other high profile terror attacks in Iraq.
Azhar al-Dulaimi was a leader in the Qazali network, which General David Petraeus noted was
behind the planning, organization and execution of the Karbala attack. The raid was well planned and executed, as the attackers looked American and spoke English, had American equipment...

The Qazali network receives arms, training, funding and other assistance from Iran's qods Force, which reports directly to Iran's Supreme Leader. "[The Qazali network] were provided substantial funding, training on Iranian soil, advanced explosive munitions and technologies as well as run of the mill arms and ammunition, ...READ THE REST HERE 

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