May 23, 2007

Best Miliblog Read of the Day

It starts here with Chickenhawk's We Can't Let our Heros Down
If you follow the links you end up reading a heart felt post from a blue star dad (that means his son is serving in the war now) over at Blue Star Chronicles titled "The Eyes of our Soldiers. "

We’ve all heard the expression ‘The thousand mile stare’. As far back as World War II there are photos that show that look in our Soldier’s eyes. I am sure if they had been able to take photographs we would see the same look in the eyes of Napoleon’s Armies or in the eyes of the Roman Legions.

That’s the look I see in my son’s eyes.

This privileged, entitled, ungrateful nation watches the war play out on television with detachment and disinterest. Network executives parlay their personal agendas into the news to enrich themselves. Powerful, wealthy Congressmen portray our Soldiers as monsters in order to attain more power and more wealth. Everyone seems to have something they can gain from slandering our Soldiers and our country.