April 19, 2007

Triumph Of Censorship: Loveland Sculpture Removed

Censorship as a yellow strap.

The infamous "Triangle", which contained nude figures (the horror!), was removed from the roundabout it had occupied for nearly a year and transferred to a nearby "art park":
The controversial sculpture 'Triangle' in Loveland was moved from a roundabout on the east side of the city to a sculpture park Tuesday.
. . .
Some people objected to the sculpture's public placement.

The 1,200 lb. bronze statue was placed on a flatbed truck and driven across town.

The roundabout may now be art free for awhile.

"Aside from the controversy about 'Triangle' as a sculpture, there are also a lot of opinions about whether we should be placing sculptures in roundabouts," said Susan Ison with the city of Loveland. "So I think the visual arts commission really wants to think about that some more before placing another piece here."

The Loveland Arts Commission decided to move the sculpture after the City Council threatened to take away the commission's power.
Loveland's art director quit over the controversy--calling it a "public art lynching" that would leave only "safe art".

The offending statue:

More background on the Loveland sculpture kerfuffle.

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