April 18, 2007

Cartoonists Blame Gun Culture, NRA, 2nd Amendment, Bush And Iraq War For VT Massacre

No mention of the perpetrator(s) (and these cartoons may indeed have been completed before Cho Seung-Hui was identified), but these editorial cartoonists begin by blaming the Iraq War, America's "gun culture", the NRA and even (inevitably?) President George W. Bush:

Iraq War moral equivalency.

Terror: Made in USA.

That stubborn 2nd Amendment.

Blaming the NRA.

NRA as special interest peddler to legislators.

The triumvirate: Bush, NRA, and gun rights legislators.

Attacking John McCain and the ridiculous! 2nd Amendment.

He should be putting that sticker on, not scraping it off--Cho Seung-Hui killed those VT students and faculty, not his weapons.

America's gun culture gets its due.

More of the same.

America's guns guarantee freedom, something the unarmed citizens were unable to achieve under the oppressive Communist regimes, and severely limited their ability to fight back against the rampaging Nazis. Liviu Librescu had seen violence before, and displayed heroism in defending his students. He wasn't a victim of "random gun violence" but a psychopathic killer who showed no respect for human life.

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