December 16, 2006

High Price For Pepsi Center Renovations For Democratic National Convention

Should the 2008 Democratic National Convention be held in Denver, the cost of accomodating the media and upgrading sound systems won't come cheap:
It will cost millions of dollars to get the Pepsi Center ready for the Democratic National Convention if Denver is chosen to host the event.

The sports and entertainment arena would be unavailable for other events for up to eight weeks around the Aug. 25-28, 2008, convention in order to accommodate interior construction, setup and breakdown.
. . .
The city would not pay any of the estimated $80 million to host the convention but would help provide security - at an estimated cost of about $25 million - and would be reimbursed by the federal government, according to bid documents from the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee.

At national political conventions this decade held in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, more than $10 million apiece was spent to renovate the respective arenas.
. . .
Some expected changes would be converting 50 of the Pepsi Center's 93 luxury suites into TV anchor booths, according to bid documents. Other upgrades could include additional audio systems and the installation of a teleprompter system.

The bid documents also detail how the host committee would be responsible for all associated construction costs and for returning the sports arena to Kroenke Sports in a "condition acceptable" to the company.


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