December 15, 2006

New Documentary To Challenge Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"

A rebuttal to Al Gore's documentary Oscar-caliber "movie" and the claims of consensus on "climate change"/"global warming":
A critic of "global warming alarmism" began filming a documentary Thursday that seeks to rebut some of the claims former Vice President Al Gore made in his popular movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Steven Hayward, editor of the "Index of Leading Environmental Indicators," began filming "An Inconvenient Truth ... Or Convenient Fiction?" with presentations at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Hayward, who is a fellow at the Pacific Research Institute and the American Enterprise Institute, said he hopes to counter some of the "alarmist" claims that supporters of global warming catastrophe theories make.
. . .
Hayward also criticized global warming "alarmists" for trying to close debate on the issue.

The centerpiece of his documentary, like Gore's, will be the presentation of a slide show on climate change science. But where Gore's presentation gives evidence that shows a consensus on the severity of global warming, Hayward's theme is that there is no consensus.
H/t Ace, who has another Gore debunking piece.


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