December 15, 2006

Denver Convention Up In Air, Fundraising Questioned

Fundraising is the main issue--where are all those big Democrats with deep pockets that have helped the party in recent elections (Gill, Stryker?):
Denver's chances of winning the 2008 Democratic National Convention looked less promising Thursday, with U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar saying he was "concerned" that Denver might lose to New York City after a conversation with DNC chairman Howard Dean.

Salazar and Dean spoke for more than 30 minutes Thursday morning, and it ended with the senator putting the odds of Denver winning the convention at "50-50" - a less optimistic assessment than previously, said Salazar spokesman Cody Wertz.

"He is concerned about whether or not the convention will come here," Wertz said. "It is not our decision. It's Howard Dean's decision. Sen. Salazar, along with several others in Denver and the state, are working hard on the issue."

The main issue is money. Dean is worried over whether Denver can raise the estimated $80 million required to host the convention.


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