December 15, 2006

Denver's Democratic National Convention Rollercoaster

One minute Denver is potentially the underdog, the next day prospects look great:
Another day, another lengthy phone call with Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, but this time leading Colorado Democrats emerged "very hopeful" that Denver can land the 2008 national convention.

Cody Wertz, spokesman for Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colorado), said the senator joined Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Governor-elect Bill Ritter, and others on a one-hour conference call Friday with former Vermont Gov. Dean.

After that conversation, Wertz says Salazar emerged "confident and enthusiastic" that Denver will show Dean it can raise the $80 million needed to hold the convention.

Thursday, Salazar told 9NEWS he spoke with Dean for half an hour and came away feeling that Colorado's chances were about 50-50. Dean expressed concerns that Denver could host a convention of that size and proportion and "make sure it goes off without a hitch."


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