December 15, 2006

Tom Tancredo Reinvited To Miami

By the Miami Beach chapter of the Rotary Club, after the Miami Rotary Club's speech was called off:
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo may soon have another opportunity to give a speech in the Miami area after an earlier talk was called off.

A small Rotary Club in Miami Beach on Friday invited the Republican congressman from Littleton, saying it wanted to give him a forum for his views.

"Let the fireworks begin," said Steven Shulman, who arranges speakers for the 23-member Rotary Club of Miami Beach.
. . .
Miami's Rotary Club, a different chapter, had invited him to speak Thursday, but the restaurant where Tancredo was to have appeared canceled the talk, saying his controversial appearance wouldn't be a good fit with a number of holiday parties that day.

Tancredo is interested in taking the Miami Beach chapter up on its offer if a time and place can be arranged, said his spokesman, Carlos Espinosa.
. . .
The smaller Rotary Club extending the latest invitation to Tancredo said it isn't worried about the potential circus that he might draw.

"What the congressman has to say is worthwhile, whether you disagree with it or agree with it," said Bill Coffman, Rotary Club of Miami Beach president.

Coffman's group still needs to find a location for the speech, but was considering the city's convention center. The group would sell tickets to cover the cost, Coffman said. There could also be speakers who disagree with Tancredo on the program.


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