November 13, 2006

Judge Grants Injunction To Bar NCAA From Banning The "Fighting Sioux" From Hosting Playoff Game

The NCAA values the monopoly it holds on forwarding "diversity" by blocking schools with Indian nicknames, and hates when it is challenged:
GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) -- A district judge has granted a preliminary injunction to stop the NCAA from banning the University of North Dakota from hosting a postseason game because of its "Fighting Sioux" nickname, state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said.

Stenehjem said judge Lawrence Jahnke alerted him to the decision Saturday night. Stenehjem did not know the details.

UND is among a handful of schools with American Indian nicknames and logos that the NCAA considers hostile and abusive. Those schools are barred from holding postseason tournaments, or from using their nicknames during road playoff games.

. . .

"We are disappointed in the preliminary ruling but will continue to defend the NCAA's right and responsibility to enact guidelines in the best interest of our member schools, our student-athletes and our fans," the statement said.


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