November 08, 2006

Colorado Election 2006 Wrap-Up

--Continuously updated after the polls close, scroll for updates. . .

4:00am--last update. Post-election reflections to follow later today.
Final Tally:
Governor: Ritter
AG: Suthers
Treasurer: too close to call
Sec. State: Hoffman
CD7: Perlmutter
CD4: too close to call
CD5: Lamborn

Amendment 38: failed
Amendment 39: failed
Amendment 40: failed
Amendment 41: passed
Amendment 42: passed
Amendment 43: passed
Amendment 44: failed

Ref. E: yes
Ref. F: no
Ref. G: yes
Ref. H: too close to call
Ref. I: no
Ref. J: no
Ref. K: yes

--Musgrave even with Paccione in CD4, race tighter than expected

--Sec. State and AG likely GOP, Treasurer too close to call
--Amendments 38, 39, 40, 44 failing; 41 and 43 passing; 42 too close to call
--Referendum I trailing

--RMN calls governor's race for Ritter, leads by nearly 20%

--With small margins in, Ritter/Perlmutter ahead significantly, most other races too close to call

7pm--Polls close across Colorado, despite a failed Democrat attempt to squeeze a few extra votes in Denver County through an extension of polling hours

Slapstick Politics' election predictions. . .ToTheRight's election predictions


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