November 07, 2006

Democrats Ask Judge To Extend Denver Poll Hours; Judges Denies Injunction To Extend Voting Hours

**Breaking Update 3:34pm:
The lawsuit filed against the City and County of Denver Tuesday requesting polling places be kept open until 9 p.m. Tuesday has been denied.
. . .
Denver Democrat, Rep. Diana DeGette, called the election process in Denver "a nightmare."
Judge cites fairness, lack of authority:
Judge Sheila Rappaport, in rejecting the request said that she does not have the authority to extend voting times. She said that voting problems are not unique to Denver so it would be not right to make special arrangements for Denver but not for other counties that have experienced problems.

**Update (video):
The Democratic Party has asked a state judge to extend voting by two hours because of the myriad of problems that were reported this morning, and the city attorney has agreed, 7NEWS reported.
Ben DeGrow questions the Dems focus on Denver, just a ploy to help fading Democratic ballot issues and candidates?

The potential impact of extending polls for two hours in the most liberal voting area in the state is enormous, clearly having state-wide implications of candidates and the various amendments/referenda.

Via CBS4 and 7NEWS, RMN:
Lawyers for the Colorado Democratic Party plan to file a court action in Denver District Court late Tuesday morning asking a judge to extend voting hours in the city of Denver due to computer problems in the morning hours, CBS4 reports.

Democrats will ask the judge to extend the voting hours at polling places in Denver by 2 hours until 9 p.m.

Scattered computer problems and the longest ballot in decades created big backups outside some polling places Tuesday as Coloradans voted on key offices and hot-button social issues.

In Denver, the delays were attributed to a computer problem that prevented Election judges from verifying people's voter registration status without calling the Denver Election Commission headquarters. The problem was later corrected by adding more computer servers.

Up to 300 people stood in line at Denver sites. At one, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter waited an hour and 40 minutes to vote.



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