May 07, 2006

Cinco De Mayo Slower Than Normal

Cinco De Mayo cruising appears to have declined this year (video):
Denver - Along an open stretch on Federal Boulevard Saturday afternoon, vendors were far and few between selling Mexican and American flags.

At the corner of 23rd and Federal, Laurie Madrigal is seen waving hand held Mexican flags trying to make a buck.

"Come on down," says Madrigal to drivers passing by along Federal.

A veteran of sales along this road, Madrigal has noticed a decline in the volume of traffic celebrating cinco de mayo with the traditional cruising.

"They're afraid to come out, or they're too busy, or they just don't want to spend," says Madrigal.

From a combination of economic boycotts in the U.S. and fear of authorities in the middle of a nationwide illegal immigration debate, some vendors think drivers are hesitant to express themselves as freely as in the past.

"I think they're afraid of being pulled over and getting a ticket, showing proof of insurance. I don't think they want to be hassled by police," says Camilo Aguilera, a flag vendor.


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