May 03, 2006

Those Pesky Immigration Requirements

When the MSM discovers something patently obvious to all those with an IQ somewhere north of weeds, they create laugh-out-loud headlines like this one:
Legally Immigrating To U.S. Takes Years
And the shocking revelation that immigration proves to be more complicated than, say, getting your car washed:
DENVER -- With the recent debates over illegal immigration, many are forgetting the millions who are going through the process of legal immigration here in the United States.

Some are blaming the high number of illegal immigrants on the backlogged citizenship program, which can take up to five years before the process even begins.

In addition, there are fees, a background check, and a requirement that you learn the English language and American history.
Without the MSM to "educate" us, what ever would we do?

PS--Why can't all immigrants embrace the US--its language, culture, and history--without sacrificing their own unique cultural/ethnic/religious/linguistic backgrounds and thereby further enriching this country, like the folks they interviewed for this story? (see video at link above) For the amnesty crowd, "diversity" means getting rid of the white folks--the European wetbacks (no joke, that is how one U of Minnesota prof describes the European immigrants)


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