May 03, 2006

CU Launches Diversity Plan

This will be the last plan ever needed. Until the next one. Or the one after that:

The University of Colorado will spend more money on scholarships for minorities and train students and employees on diversity but won't relax admission requirements to admit more students of color.

Those are among the key components of a plan released today to improve diversity on the Boulder campus.

The plan also calls for an external evaluation of diversity programs every five years, more aggressive recruitment and partnering with the city of Boulder to improve the city's environment for minorities.

"A major research university like ours cannot achieve excellence in education without diverse peoples and diverse ideas," Chancellor Phil DiStefano wrote in a letter to members of the Blue Ribbon Commission on diversity, a group of 40-plus community members who helped shape the plan.

The report also was sent to CU President Hank Brown, who formed the commission upon taking office last year. It's intended to address a lack of diversity on campus, as well as an overall climate some say is unwelcoming to minorities.

To read a copy of the action plan, click here

Diverse ideas, except those which actually stray from the liberal orthodoxy. They don't like those ideas.


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