May 07, 2006

Milwaukee Brewers to Have "Cerveceros" Day

More "assimilation" from MLB. Honoring African-Americans who played in the old Negro Leagues is one thing, and certainly deserving. But just Hispanics? What about the Italians, Poles, etc. etc. that have played/watched/inspired the game? Paying tribute to players who were kept out of MLB because of their race is one thing, promoting only a certain segment of the current population with alternate uniforms in Spanish is another:
Miller Park will take on a Latin flair when the club presents "Cerveceros Day" on July 29.

For Cerveceros Day, the Brewers will again wear alternate uniforms for their game against the Cincinnati Reds, and they plan to transform Miller Park with bilingual public address announcements, Latin-themed music and videos featuring some of the game's great Hispanic players.

Instead of the traditional "Brewers" script, players will wear jerseys with the Spanish version, "Cerveceros." Brewers great Teddy Higuera and Milwaukee Braves infielder Felix Mantilla will be honored at the game.


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

si si yo quiero dia para mujeres tambien!..Good grief..where does this all end?..grrrrr!

Sun May 07, 12:47:00 PM  

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