January 19, 2006

Slitherin' Salazar Says No To Alito

"Moderate" Senator Ken Salazar, D-Colorado, plans to vote no on Alito's confirmation:
saying Alito would move the court "outside the mainstream of American law."
Salazar said in a written statement that Alito's philosophy would give the president too much power, weaken constitutional checks and balances and roll back civil rights protections.
He said he arrived at his decision after "a careful review of his record."
Salazar has sacrificed any "independence" garnered as a result of joining the wishy-washy Gang of 14, and committed himself to elitist-East Coast Liberalism of Kennedy, Leahy, etc. What a shame, though not completely unexpected. More here.

The Political Teen links to other Democratic weasels saying "no".


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