January 08, 2006

King George?

I won't mention the site this came from as I don't want to send them any additional traffic, but it seems like I've seen something like this before:

Andrew Jackson (1830's)

Theodore Roosevelt (Puck, 1904)

How. Original.

Newsweak gives us this pathetic offering (for the moonbats, Cheney looks really sneaky!):

Memo to Newsweak: their powers are enumerated in the Constitution and federal statutes. The "crisis" of wiretapping, the scandal du jour of the MSM moonbats, will remain the story only as long as it takes to put forth new terms like "imperial presidency" and the like. There really isn't much of a story here, just a warning to those who might be inclined to make frequent calls to, say, a cave in Afghanistan. Look, limit the calls to Al-Qaida, alright!

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Blogger Lone Ranger said...

I run across this stuff all the time, since I surf at least 300 blogs a night, red flagging as I go. It just strikes me how mean-spirited and unfunny liberal humor is. It all has a vicious edge to it. Liberals can't seem to understand that satire isn't funny unless it's based in fact. Dummying up a slanderous picture of Bush is just hackneed and nasty.

Sun Jan 08, 03:18:00 AM  

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