January 19, 2006

Blowing Smoke

At the top of the list of unimportant things to accomplish on the state level, Colorado appears ready to join at least ten other states in expanding the liberal nanny-state mentality that government knows best, and should therefore control the habits of the citizens.
No freedom of choice in education (government monopoly), a growing trend to dictate what we should eat, attacks on the 2nd amendment, etc. all in the name of statism disguised as self-help. This should prove interesting, as Denver recently passed Initiative 100, allowing for the possession of marijuana. You can have pot, but don't let the government catch you smoking it!
El Presidente would prefer a chain-smoking coworker or patron to the average consumer of alcohol, some of whom become immediately lethal behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. (NO Prohibition here!) Like drinking, one should smoke responsibly. Moderation is good (except in politics). Second-hand smoke, like inhaling the smoke from a fire is probably, over time, a harm to one's health. But for the state to regulate businesses and prevent them from choosing whether or not their business offers accomodations to one or both smoking preferences smacks of overbearing liberalism at its best. If a customer does not want to smoke or inhale smoke, do not patronize a business. Similarly, if one dislikes smoke, do not accept a position at a business that allows smoking. This is akin to traveling to Las Vegas and complaining about the gambling. If you don't like it, don't do it, but don't prevent your fellow Americans from choosing to do it. Legislative bans, bureaucracy, and the drain on law enforcement personnel to deal with infractions are at best, cumbersome and a hindrance to freedom (as was Prohibition), and at worst, simply ridiculous.


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