January 17, 2006

Sen. Clinton Stump Speech Disguised as MLK Speech

The Political Teen has the video.

Aside from the "plantation" comment, Sen. Clinton stumped for herself and fellow Democrats for the 2006 elections. Her claims that the Democrats provided the bulwark for the progress on civil rights over the last century manages to overlook the fact that it was southern Democrats that opposed much of the legislation (as they controlled both houses of Congress at that point), including the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. Other noted successes for Democrats include the War On Poverty (which compared to the War On Terror has lasted nearly 8 times as long, and has not been as successful).

Other Clinton claims:

Since 2001, Democrats have had NO say in the direction of the country.

Democratic economic policies were responsible for the 1990s economic boom. (umm, Reagan. . .)

Hillarycare would be, again, a focal point of her 2008 Presidential campaign.

In other words, MOTS.


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