January 24, 2006

Crazy Samurai-Wielding Maniac Leads to Call For Ban On Ceremonial Swords

More looney Moonbattedness from our pals in England:
The Express & Echo in Exeter is calling for samurai swords to be banned, after a local man was stabbed to death in the street.

The newspaper wants the government to stop the sale of the swords, with an exemption for licensed groups.

It is not currently illegal to buy a sword, only to carry it in public.

And a day after Sidmouth man Bradley Moran admitted killing 33-year-old Matthew Stiling by stabbing him through the heart with the 18-inch blade of a samurai sword, an Echo reporter discovered how easy it is to buy one unchecked from an Exeter shop.

Journalist David Edbrooke paid £120 for a sword with a 2.5ft sharpened blade, and said it was "as easy as buying a lotto ticket".

Echo editor Marc Astley said: "It is incredible that our reporter was able to buy such a terrifying weapon, no questions asked. I was shocked at just how sharp and heavy the blade is.

Okay, so some random dude goes into a store and buys a samurai store and kills a man. Now they want to ban swords...doesn't surprise me.

You know, God forbid someone should go out in public and strangle another with a bra. Lord knows there would be a huge ban on bras. (not that hippies would mind, they love their Amazonian tatas) I mean, the only way to prevent people from killing one another would to basically bubble-wrap everything and change human nature.

It sucks for us sane people who end up being treated like children from these liberals who are on this endless quest to "protect us." Thanks guys, due to the overwhelming problem of maniacs wielding samurai swords everywhere, it's nice to know that I can sleep better at night knowing that I won't be shish-kabobed while buying groceries in the future.

Come on now, not only is banning samurai swords completely pointless (I'm sure there is someone out there who could think up a creative way of murdering others with a spoon) but it's an insult to those who just want to own a samurai sword for decoration or a way to show off their pride in their heritage.

They conclude:
"The Echo accepts that some martial arts groups use such weapons innocently.

"We hope they will accept that calling for their sale to be restricted is sensible and reasonable.

"We will pursue this campaign to the bitter end and will be calling on Echo readers to play their part too.

"If that means that together we help prevent a single death or injury, it will have been worth it."

Yeah. RIGHT.


Anonymous Captain America said...

But...but....think of the CHILDREN!!We need child safety locks on samurai swords! There's a "sword culture" developing in our society!!! *Moonbat off*

Great rant, my precious ;-)

Love you so much!

Sun Jan 29, 02:47:00 PM  

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