January 08, 2009

Rebuilding The GOP Bench In Denver

Begins locally, or in this case, within the party structure. If the GOP has any chance at looking to rebuild its competitiveness statewide, it had better focus first on local elections and to putting into place the personnel infrastructure that won't cede any district election or continue to allow Democrats go unchallenged in making use of the vaunted social networking apparatus of the Internet. There is no simple fix, and this is hardly a laundry list of the action items necessary to reestablish a functioning party with viable candidates, a clear and consistent message on policy borne of principles, and a system engaging the grassroots and eshewing the traditional party operative structure that may have worked in decades past, but that has been thoroughly exposed in recent elections.

The GOP isn't bereft of such individuals, and a candidate for Vice Chairmanship of the Denver County Republican Party--my friend and fellow RMA blogger Joshua Sharf--is just the type of experienced and energized person the GOP needs to put in place now, and look to recruit more of going into the future. This won't be a plan that looks at 2010 exclusively, but a vision that sees politics for the cyclical nature that it has both here in Colorado and across the country and realizes that elections aren't won within the next cycle, but over time. The Democrats realized that and, well, they have realized the results as well.

I therefore offer my full endorsement of Joshua, and encourage other Denver Republicans to do the support him as well.

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