January 08, 2009

More On Senator Who?

Last night's RMA 2.0 Blog Talk Radio featured a discussion of the appointment of DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet by Gov. "Blue Ribbon" Bill Ritter, including theories on the appointment and analysis of his chances in 2010.

Ben DeGrow questions Bill Ritter's judgement on the Michael Bennet pick--self-delusion or subtlety?

Rocky Mountain Right reminds us that Bennet has a very poor chance of winning election on his own in 2010 based on historical examples, and notes the similarities in experience (none) between Bennet's selection and the Harriet Miers nomination.

Folks around the state are still scratching their heads over who Bennet is and what he might represent in the Senate--he has been called an "ardent" supporter of President-elect Barack Obama, and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) thinks he's "got the goods"--but Bennet faces political reality when he sets out on his first tour of the state to introduce himself and try to get a handle on the "economy and other challenges."

Good luck with that Senator.

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