January 03, 2009

Senator Who? Makes His Debut

“Michael Bennet is exactly what we need in Colorado. Michael will bring a fresh, new approach to the economic crisis. He knows we can’t fix our 21st-century problems with 20th-century solutions”--Gov. Bill Ritter, after tapping DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet to replace Sen. Ken Salazar

As more confused reaction on Gov. "Blue Ribbon" Bill Ritter's appointment of DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet pours in--everything from a startled "seriously?" to "perplexing" to Bennet being a "risky" choice--Dem royalty come out swinging for the newly minted Senate appointee, including President-elect Barack Obama, outgoing Sen. Ken Salazar, and friend and possible benefactor Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper:
"I congratulate Michael Bennet on his appointment as Colorado's next United States Senator, and Governor Bill Ritter for making a splendid choice. Michael Bennet perfectly reflects the qualities of the ruggedly independent state he has been chosen to serve. An innovator in the public and private sectors, he has shown himself willing to challenge old thinking and stale policies. His breakthrough work at the helm of Denver's schools has reflected that commitment, and established Michael as one of the nation's leading education reformers. He will be a breath of fresh air in Washington."

President-elect Barack Obama

"If I am confirmed to serve as Secretary of the Interior, Michael will bring to the United States Senate an impressive background and a wealth of experience - both as an accomplished public servant and a successful businessman - that will help us tackle the many challenges we face as a state and a nation. If I am confirmed, I am confident Michael will serve the people of Colorado well as our next United States Senator."

Ken Salazar

United States Senator

"Michael Bennet brings intense personal commitment, intellectual rigor and innovation to any challenge. In addition to his diverse experience in law, the private sector, government and public education, Michael's strong character and dedication to public service will serve Colorado well in the U.S. Senate."

John Hickenlooper

Mayor, Denver
Like many in the blogosphere and the public in general, Bennet's DPS bio and recent profile have become go-to sources for information on the "darkhorse" appointee.

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