January 01, 2009

BDS Dies Hard--Aspen Bomber Kills Self, Shuts Down Town

It may be 2009, with the ascension of Barack Obama upon us, but Bush Derangement Syndrome dies hard, especially in elitist liberal enclaves like Aspen.

BDS hits Aspen

Mentally unstable, BDS-ridden, the aspiring Aspen bomber commits suicide:
A man who left bomb threats and homemade bombs around Aspen on New Year's Eve shot and killed himself in his car a few hours after his threats cleared much of the resort town, Aspen Police said.

Assistant Aspen Police Chief Bill Linn said James Chester Blanning, 72, walked into two Aspen banks Wednesday afternoon and left packages wrapped in holiday paper along with notes saying the boxes contained bombs. The notes threatened "mass death" and demanded $60,000 cash, along with criticisms of President George Bush, Linn said.
The Rocky has a scan of the full note excerpted above, as well as more anti-Bush/Cheney rhetoric in a handwritten note to the editor of the Aspen Times. Judging from reactions to the long-time resident, Blanning had been an eccentric/unstable individual for some time.

Good thing he also happened to be an incompetent bomb maker and managed to kill only himself.

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