December 16, 2008

Honoring Jim Cannon of Thinking Right

Our good friend and fellow RMA blogger Jim Cannon of Thinking Right has passed away. He was a member of the original Rocky Mountain Alliance as well as its current incarnation. Jim's was one of the first Colorado-centric blogs I stumbled upon, and once I got started, we communicated by email several times, usually about his ongoing campaigns to support the troops. My only regret is that I was never able to meet him in person.

As one might expect, tributes are pouring in--touting Jim's patriotism, support of our troops, ability to engage in thoughtful debate, and tenacity in dealing with a serious illness.

Ben DeGrow--Blog Silence: RIP, Jim Cannon
Joshua Sharf--Jim Cannon, RIP
The Daily Blogster--Jim Cannon, Blogger, Friend, Patriot, follower of Christ
Exvigilare--May His Memory Be Eternal
Rocky Mountain Right--R.I.P., Jim Cannon
Colorado Confederatarian--Jim Cannon, R.I.P.

God bless him and his family. Our prayers are with you.

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