December 15, 2008

One Less Online Voice: PolitickerCO Shut Down

PolitickerCO's Jeremy Pelzer and other state-level affiliates of the Politicker brand were laid off Friday.

Pelzer's final post (since scrubbed from the PolitickerCO site):
To all readers:

As you may have heard, most Politicker sites — including in Colorado — are being closed.

I’ve had the time of my life covering Colorado politics this year, and I’ve made friends for life. For future reference, I can be reached at jeremypelzer[at]

Thanks so much for reading!

Jeremy Pelzer
Pelzer represented the best of the online news format--timely coverage, insider information and original reporting, and an ease and familiarity with the blogosphere.

He has set up a temporary home at Mile High Politics--and will hopefully find a soft landing in the state to continue the independent journalism PolitickerCO's readers came to appreciate in 2008. Given the current state of media (print and televised) and the perennial need for scrutinizing our political officials, Pelzer's opening post encapsulates the situation in Colorado, and offers an alternative to the MSM:
My aim is for Mile High Politics to be a reliable, non-partisan blog on Colorado politics, policy, and government. I know many people who are skeptical of news coverage from blogs because they view them as amateur, agenda-driven publications. Certainly, there are many bloggers with agendas (and there's nothing wrong with that), but there are also an ever-increasing number of blogs that are just as responsible, objective, professional, and trustworthy as any newspaper or magazine. And as faltering newspapers cut their political coverage, I would argue there's an increasing demand for more blogs from the latter catagory.

So I figured I'd start this blog for that reason, and also because Colorado politics is extremely interesting and damn fun to cover. Hopefully you'll find this blog as entertaining to read as it is for me to write.
The blogroll has been updated.

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