December 07, 2008

Liberal Talk Show Host Jay Marvin Unloads On Senator-Elect Mark Udall

**Update 3: (via TS) If Marvin's screed had been published by a conservative radio talk show host, Colorado Media Matters' Bill Menezes would be all over him. Bill?

**Update 2: managed to save Marvin's entire blog post for posterity. He dropped by last night to argue that his post wasn't "rambling" and then promptly removed it today. Let's see if he responds.

**Update: That was fast--Marvin pulls both Udall-focused blog posts after being called out on them, first at, and then here. Nothing like a little display of progressive backbone.

"Let’s just say Udall is a phony"--AM760 Radio Talk Show Host Jay Marvin

Via Complete Colorado--"The Trouble With Udall":
Even before the election I dropped hints on the air I wasn’t happy with Congressman, now Senator elect Mark Udall.

So what’s the beef?

When I first got to AM760 most progressive pols ignored my show. The only two who would give of their time were Mark Udall and Bill Ritter, who later went on to be Governor.

In return I started to give Mark Udall money for his run for the Senate, and when the race got underway my wife Mary went to work full time on his campaign. What she found in the campaign HQ was not pretty site. Interns–for many of them it was their first job–were treated with disrespect and arrogance. Several times Mary was told to out and out lie to people on the phones.

But it didn’t stop there.
And Jay Marvin doesn't, in a rambling, misspelled diatribe against Udall and his "minions."

There appears to be even more to rant about, but Marvin begins his summary:
I’m not going to go into the rest here. Let’s just say Udall is a phony. He is cold, and has a well crafted image that covers who he really is. And let me also say I will never have this man on my show again as long as I’m on the air in this market.

Now you know. Judge for your self about Udall and his actions. In doing so ask yourself how you would feel if this happened to you or a member of your family.
Some comments support Marvin, others chastise him. Still others mention that this sort of behavior is nothing new for politicians, and hope that their Obamessiah doesn't turn out the same way.

Perhaps a little outside pressure was applied on Marvin, whose follow-up post reveals this interesting political philosophy:
I had many people who understood my feelings towards Mark Udall and a few who didn’t. Thanks for the comments both here and in email. The one very big lesson I’ve come away with is this:

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you put in office– meaning their personality doesn’t matter– it’s the votes they cast that counts. So what if Mark Udall is a prick, the only things that’s going to count is the votes he will cast in the Senate.

Subject now closed.
So what if Udall is a prick?

Progressive policies require reliable votes. For liberals/progressives/Democrats that's all that matters.

Oh, and don't question them either.

So much for dissent . . .

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