December 18, 2008

Gov. "Blue Ribbon" Bill Ritter Vows Own Decision On Salazar Replacement By Asking For Your Input

Yesterday, it looked like Gov. Ritter was finally up to the task of making his own decision on who to appoint for open Senate seat left by Sen. Salazar's appointment to Obama's cabinet:
"In the coming days, I will work thoughtfully, deliberately and quickly to identify a successor," Gov. Ritter said. "With the economy in crisis and many other important issues facing the next Congress and the new Obama administration, Colorado must have the best talent at the U.S. Capitol."
But this is Gov. Ritter we're talking about, so of course there will have to be outside input--from all of us:
Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) wants to hear from you on the topic of who he should select to replace Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colorado). Salazar will be resigning his seat shortly to become the country's next Secretary of the Interior. Colorado law gives Ritter the sole power to select a replacement senator who will then be up for election in 2010.
. . .
The e-mail address for people who want to send in their suggestions is:

"He wants to be able to see what people are saying and thinking," said Ritter's communications director, Evan Dreyer, in a telephone interview with 9NEWS. "This is an important position at a very important time in our state's history and in our nation's history. The economic challenges alone are daunting and it's important to Governor Ritter that all people, all across Colorado, have an opportunity to provide their thoughts and opinions."
Governors have been given the power to appoint replacements to the Senate, unlike the need for special elections in open Congressional districts (which we could see if either Rep. Ed Perlmutter or Rep. John Salazar are tapped for Sen. Salazar's seat). The governor will obviously be appointing a Democrat, so who should non-Democrats favor in the short-term going into the 2010 election? In other words, who is the weakest Dem candidate in the field?

Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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