October 23, 2008

John Elway For John McCain: A Prelude To 2010?

Is John Elway's appearance at tomorrow's rally for John McCain a much-needed infusion of come-from-behind support from the NFL's premier 4th Quarter comeback king (and that will be the rhetoric, guaranteed), or a preview to a possible run for office in 2010 (Sen. Ken Salazar and Gov. Bill Ritter are both up for election)?

McCain's campaign could no doubt use the visible shot of support from the local sports legend (though how many votes could be influenced would be difficult to ascertain, if any), but the real boost in a tight race for a fellow Republican could be seen as a signal that should Elway choose to run, he'll have started building the network of links for a campaign. A President McCain stumping for Elway, or even a defeated but still popular-as-Senator McCain would make a valuable ally from a neighboring state.

Or it could simply be a chance for Elway to paraphrase some lines from his own success--"Win this one for John McCain!"

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