October 21, 2008

Battleground Colorado: Sarah Palin Interview; "First Dude" A Rockstar; Biden "Blitz"

The battle of the VPs continues in Colorado--first up, a look back at Sarah Palin's whirlwind tour of Colorado, where record turnouts (22000 in Grand Junction alone) were marred by security snafus, the MSM tried its hand at voter suppression, and protesters decided to block Palin's motorcade in Grand Junction.

And the knock on Palin for not engaging with the MSM?

Maybe it's more about the quality than the quantity.

Sarah Palin's full interview with Adam Schrager of 9NEWS (so much for the MSM memes of being held back, or being incoherent on policy).

Meanwhile the "First Dude" of Alaska, Todd Palin, stuck around Colorado Tuesday to continue stumping on behalf of the McCain/Palin ticket--and has a "rockstar" following of his own.

Gaffetastic Joe "The Senator" Biden is also in Colorado, as part of a two day stump that will take him from Greeley to Commerce City today, and Colorado Springs and Pueblo tomorrow--and it appears that Obama '08 is still running against Bush, and Biden is defending his own statements about Obama being tested:
“If it looks like a Bush, if it sounds like a Bush, if it votes like a Bush, it’s a Bush economic policy."
. . .
Touching on his controversial comment this week that Obama likely will face a world crisis in his first months on the job, Biden told the Greeley audience that “every great president sees crisis as an opportunity” to make America greater.. “I believe Barack Obama will be a great president.”
The Rocky blogged his appearance at UNC in Greeley.

**Update--Meghann McCain will be in Colorado Thursday to promote her new book about her father:
Book Signing
"My Dad, John McCain"

Meghan McCain

WHEN: Thursday, Oct 23rd 4:00 pm

WHERE: Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch
9315 Dorchester Street
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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