October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin In Colorado--Loveland Rally Update

"Obama calls it spreading the wealth; Joe Biden calls it patriotic. But Joe the Plumber said it sounded to him like socialism. Now is not the time to experiment with socialism"--Gov. Sarah Palin in Loveland, Colorado

Jeremy Pelzer of PolitickerCO has the details (complete video of Palin's Loveland appearance):
Bill Ayers who? For Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, on Monday, it was all about all Joe the Plumber.

Palin focused on attacking her Democratic opponents' domestic policy -- especially taxes and energy -- during a Monday afternoon rally in Loveland.

"Our opponent is not candid with you about his plans for taxes," Palin told a cheering crowd at the Budweiser Events Center.

Palin criticized Obama's claim that he will cut income taxes for 95 percent of Americans.

"The problem with that, is that more than 40 percent pay no income taxes at all," Palin said. "So how can you cut income taxes for folks who don't pay them? He's gonna cut them a check and he'll call that a tax credit. And where's he going to get the money to cut those checks? By raising taxes on all of you, the hardworking Americans who own a small business; and homeowners just like you -- and just like Joe the Plumber."
The event itself may have been marred by event logistics that resulted in many hundreds of Palin fans that were apparently left out in the cold. The events center was not filled to capacity but not because of a failure of people showing up--strong murmurs of security incompetence and a lack of planning by the event, arena, and security staff meant that many who showed up to see Palin and stood for hours in line never in fact made it through security on time. This merely served to confirm observations by those in the press area who couldn't figure out how so many people outside were filling just a small portion of the arena inside. Those who did manage to make it inside spoke of missing everything but the Hank Williams Jr. introduction with Palin.

Palin sat down with 9NEWS' Adam Schrager and Your Show during her stop on the Front Range--the full video will be broadcast on the 10pm show and posted online shortly thereafter.

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