October 15, 2008

Anti-Palin Instructor Andrew Hallam Cleared By Metro State

**Update--Hallam needs "mentoring":
"The investigation concluded that Hallam must learn to curb the use of vulgar language in class, and that the introduction of controversal topics must have a substantial relationship with the subject of the class," according to a news bulletin released by the college Tuesday.

"While discipline is not warranted, appropriate mentoring is recommended."

The findings of the investigation was announced by Metro State College president Stephen Jordan on Tuesday.

Hallam, 36, will be assigned a faculty member to serve as his mentor for the rest of this semester, according to Cathy Lucas, spokeswoman for the college. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Lucas said the college will also add an all-day session on how to maintain political balance in classes to orientations given to part-time as well as tenure track faculty members.
Wow. More diversity training at a college/university.

Didn't see that one coming.

Not even a slap on the wrist or a strongly worded letter.

Shock--Metro State found no wrongdoing:
A college English instructor's assignment to write an essay on whether Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is living a fairy tale has been cleared of wrongdoing.

Metropolitan State College of Denver probed the assignment by Andrew Hallam after some students complained it was politically biased.

Hallam's class was reading "Sleeping Beauty" and the assignment was to consider Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention. The speech was based on Palin's life and the assignment was to discuss whether the nominee is living a fairy tale.

An internal investigation found the assignment didn't require students to undermine Palin. The inquiry concluded students didn't feel personally belittled or insulted by Hallam.
Oh really?
Matt Barber told WND his sister is one of five students who have been belittled by the teacher, and "bullied and harassed" by other students "because they support McCain-Palin."

The students had documented a series of incidents in which Hallam reportedly told his class, "Bush-bashing is one of my favorite things to do."

In another class, the students report, Hallam said he loved swearing and the f-word was his favorite word.

"He used the f-word a few more times that day," they reported.

When Hallam handed out the Palin writing assignment, the students reported "he said he would give the Republicans a chance to speak about it and asked who in the class was a Republican. Five of us raised our hands. When we did, [one other student] … said 'F*** you!' Mr. Hallam did nothing about this. At the end of the class period, after a lot of the Republicans had voiced their side of the issue, another kid said, 'They're full of s***, but we let them talk anyway.'"
Not even enough backbone to criticize or punish an instructor whose political derangement created an undoubtedly hostile atmosphere to those who disagreed with his views. Since those students who complained obviously held the wrong point of view, nothing could or would be done by Metro State.

I hear there is still an opening for deranged, leftist, academic hacks--perhaps Mr. Hallam should contact the CU Ethnic Studies department once his Metro State appointment has run out.

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