October 22, 2008

Colorado Still In Play: Obamessiah In Denver; **Update--Hillary On Friday

So much for the MSM narrative . . .

**Update 2--to drive home the closeness of the battle for Colorado, Hillary will also be in Aurora on Friday

**Update--Why does Obama need to come to Colorado? I thought his acceptance at the DNC and recent polls just about wrapped it up for him. The appearances of Palin and McCain is understandable given that they trail in a state that has been a "battleground" only recently (2004, 2006), and refutes the notion that they have given up on the state for Electoral Votes in Pennsylvania. Biden's campaign swing can be seen as an effective, if somewhat limited counter, to help keep the local media from blanketing the Republicans. But Obama? Maybe they're not so confident after all . . .

The nomination acceptance speech at Invesco Field will be tough to beat:
Sen. Barack Obama is expected to hold a rally Sunday in Civic Center Park, where two of the last three Democratic presidential candidates to win Colorado held rousing political gatherings.

The campaign today confirmed Obama will be in Colorado Sunday, but did not release a location or other details.

A spokeswoman for the city's parks and recreation department, however, said the campaign had secured a permit for Civic Center.
SP and the Peoples Press Collective will be on hand for coverage. Stay tuned.

Expect a large turnout with the Denver Broncos on a bye week.

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