July 04, 2008

Obama Rally At Invesco Field Gaining Traction

**Update--rumors getting stronger:
The Associated Press, citing two unnamed "people in a position to know details of the idea," said the switch is under consideration.

Mayor John Hickenlooper said he hadn't heard the rumor directly from the Obama campaign, but added it would be "amazing" if it happened.

"It would be difficult, but not impossible," Hickenlooper said. "You would have to adapt. You would have to make sure you got the right people in the right places - if it's something the Obama campaign wants to do."

Not sure who the sources are, but backchannel whispers and blog speculation indicate that there is at least some planning and logistical inquiries being made:
Gridiron fans, move over. The Obama campaign hopes to turn the last evening of the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Aug. 28 into a giant rally of voters in a football stadium.

The unusual move, confirmed by two sources, would be an echo of John F. Kennedy's acceptance speech in 1960. Kennedy delivered his address before thousands of supporters at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Obama's big moment also would fall on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, delivered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
. . .
Officials involved in planning the event said the challenge of filling the stadium didn't seem to be much of a worry for the Obamians, who attracted huge crowds during their primary campaign this spring. More worrisome, they said, were issues of logistics and security for all the Democratic dignitaries at the convention -- plus the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms in the open-air stadium.

The football stadium plan appears to be what officials had in mind when they said the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee might shorten the party convention to three days instead of four.

Obama campaign officials didn't respond to requests for confirmation. Shannon Gilson, a spokeswoman for the campaign, told the Denver Post via e-mail simply: "We think Thursday night in Denver will be very special."
The shortened convention rumor--from 4 days to 3--may have been nothing more than a reference to this type of event.

Not everyone relishes the thought of Invesco Field reverberating with political chants shouted in unison.

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