June 30, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 61-56

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Wednesday June 25-Monday June 30, 2008--No. 61-56

Featured story:

DNC protestors have filed an even bigger lawsuit, seeking additional concessions from the city.

Monday June 30

More on the ACLU lawsuit and security fence around protestors at the DNC:
The fence around the public demonstration zone outside the Democratic National Convention will be chicken wire or chain link, authorities revealed in U.S. District Court today.

That may allow protestors to be seen and heard by delegates going in and out of the Pepsi Center during the convention.

But the American Civil Liberties Union and several advocacy groups have filed an amended complaint to their lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service and the city and county of Denver that says protestors and demonstrators may have their First Amendment rights violated by security restrictions.

Hillary Clinton will decide if, when Bill Clinton will speak at the DNC.

Sunday June 29

•Careful where you take those photos--181 "terrorist liaison officers" are watching for suspicious activity, including shooting photos and video with "no apparent aesthetic value" (which would be true of all coverage of moonbats)--and will, no doubt, be in operation during the DNC:
Future terrorism "is going to be noticed earliest at the most local level," said Robert Riegle, director of state and local programs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington.

Civil liberties watchdogs warn of unprecedented new threats to privacy.

"The problem is, you're drafting individuals whose job isn't law enforcement to spy on ordinary Americans and report their activities to the government," said John Verdi, director of the open-government project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

In Colorado, TLOs report not only illegal but legal activity, such as bulk purchases along Colorado's Front Range of up to 150 disposable cellphones. TLO supervisors said these bulk buys were suspicious because similar phones are used as remote detonators for bombs overseas and can be re-sold to fund terrorism.

Taking photos or videos can be deemed suspicious because "surveillance is a precursor to terrorist activity," said Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Steve Garcia, an analyst in Colorado's intelligence fusion center south of Denver, which handles TLO-supplied information.
Rocky Mountain News--city should hold Tent State to the 11 conditions set forth in its "conditional" permit to hang out in City Park:
Denver needs to take a firm stand in negotiations with the anti-war group Tent State University.

The student-run organization recently received a conditional assembly permit to bring potentially thousands of protesters to Denver and set up a tent city in a corner of City Park during the Democratic National Convention. But one of their leaders seems less than thoroughly committed to abiding by the terms of the deal.

How many protesters might participate isn't clear. The permit sets aside space to accommodate 20,000, but Tent State organizer Adam Jung says he wants to bring 50,000 here. Such talk may be nothing more than PR, but that's why as negotiations move forward, "conditional" is the term to remember.

The city expects - as it should - the Tent Staters to abide by all 11 conditions set forth by the Parks and Recreation Department in an order it issued June 20.

Among them: No camping. No alcohol. Get the approval of neighborhood associations, the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Make sure PA systems for music and other performances don't disturb the neighbors. Provide portable toilets, drinking water and trash collection for the site.

In other words, satisfy the same expectations any group hoping to bring a large number of people to occupy a major portion of a Denver park would have to meet.

We're not confident Tent State can meet those goals. Indeed, Jung told the Rocky that he hopes for flexibility. Perhaps the city could provide outhouses and churches and nearby residents could offer their showers, he said. As for camping, which is prohibited by ordinance in City Park: "If we have to figure out a way to remove all of these people at 10 or 11 at night," Jung said, "it becomes very problematic."

Saturday June 28


Drunkablog--apparently not even DNC delegates are buying into the convention's moonbatty "carbon credit challenge."

Drunkablog--AP's writers can't count; Recreate '68 still "not exclusionary" despite everyone's reluctance to discuss the group or plans for the DNC (and everyone has a "little bit of magic inside them" according to R 68's Glenn Spagnuolo--oh, and fluffy bunnies, colorful rainbows, and unicorns)

Friday June 27

Barack Obama responds to Ralph Nader's comments; rules for Denver city workers released--what they can and can't do during the DNC; Denver cabbies promise "smooth ride" for DNC.


Drunkablog's daily DNC roundup--non-credentialed DNC bloggers will have a second opportunity to rub elbows with the high and mighty in the Leftosphere--including Kos--at "The Big Tent"; MSM types are quite unhappy about their proximity to the unwashed masses of protestors in Lot A next to the Pepsi Center; some moonbats are worried about CIA plants and government infiltration into groups like Recreate '68 for the purpose of promoting violence and discrediting the protestors; the Colorado delegation to the DNC has a little politically correct quota management to take care of--wait for it--too many men!

More on "The Big Tent"; proximity of protestors and MSM types (including pictures, maps); DNC "podium guy" retires.

Thursday June 26

•While the DNC has been bombarded with volunteers in Denver, the RNC is having some difficulty rounding up volunteers in Minnesota.

Ralph Nader: Obama trying to "talk white."


•Drunkablog--no "pointed sticks," gas masks, projectile launchers, or, um, "giant puppets" in Arapahoe County, with possible plans to extend a similar prohibition in Denver for the convention; Denver submits to ACLU's request releases a "redacted" copy of its inmate torture handbook jail manual.

Drunkablog's daily DNC roundup--you can have organic or unionized products at the DNC, but not both.

DNC "Convention Captains" announced.

Denver Congresscritter Diana DeGette launches series of online videos--"Denver's Finest"--to assist attendees and delegates to the DNC.

Wednesday June 25

Barack Obama's sister stumped for the Dems' candidate in Denver.


Drunkablog's daily DNC roundup--Tent State's leader is just a humble Missouri farm boy; the city will be getting $50 million from the Feds to offset security costs (including some very specialized equipment; and more on the "cultural events" planned for the convention.

More on the $50 million for DNC security (it took Boston 2 years to be reimbursed).

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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