June 30, 2008

Colorado Senate 2008: Schaffer/Udall Updates

At Schaffer v Udall, a Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0 project, you'll find out:

Why Mark Udall welched on an online debate to be co-moderated by SvU and liberal blogger and all-around stand-up guy David Thielen (one of the few), after Bob Schaffer had already agreed to the blog-centric showdown.

How you can submit questions to the candidates for their first televised debate on July 14.

•What the connection is between Mark Udall's wife and a group launching attacks on her husband's Senate rival.

Where Udall really stands on gun control--before he was against it.
Blogger Ross Kaminsky of Rossputin.com has unraveled the early attacks on Bob Schaffer in a series of posts:
This is the first in a series of articles responding to three front-page articles in the Denver Post by reporter Michael Riley which attack former Congressman and current Senate candidate Bob Schaffer for a fact-finding trip Schaffer took to the Northern Marianas Islands (“CNMI”) in 1999.
Ross is up to part 6--here are the links:
Part 1

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