July 03, 2008

Ba-Rock Star? Obama Could Be A Mile High When He Accepts Nomination At Invesco Field

For the people:
Barack Obama's campaign is considering moving his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention from the Pepsi Center convention hall to Invesco Field at Mile High to accommodate the uncredentialed masses, sources say.

The move would mark a major departure from tradition, but would be in keeping with the candidate's desire to build a large grass-roots campaign focused on "change."

It also would leave behind the multi-million-dollar broadcast studios, media offices and high-tech podium and stage to be constructed at the Pepsi Center.

"No decision has been made in regards to this," wrote Matthew Chandler, the Colorado press secretary for the Obama campaign.

Denver's convention host committee declined to comment on the possibility, first mentioned on the blog demconwatchblog.com.
No small "change" indeed--added security and logistics costs, possible schedule conflict rearrangements, media readjustment, DNCC coordination nightmare, etc. But what a way to bring even more people to Denver in hopes of attending Obama's acceptance speech--to view the "historic" moment that it represents.

Heck, even a few bloggers (ahem) might be allowed in now!

DemConWatch has more on the speculation.

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