July 07, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 55-49

**The Daily Digest will resume its normal schedule this week**

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Tuesday July 1-Monday July 7, 2008--No. 55-49


•Barack Obama at Invesco Field--it's official . . .

•Drunkablog--Despite the DNCC's protestations to the contrary, not everything is going well for the DNC, including the much-reported dismal fundraising efforts, and Mayor John Hickenlooper strays off the "everything's just fine" story line by complaining that he can't "sell" the DNC to donors

Drunkablog digs a little deeper into the new Alliance for Real Democracy that replaced Recreate '68s umbrella organization (which includes SDS, Tent State, Iraq Veterans Against the War, CodePink, and some Truthers) and notes that, in addition to stealing Recreate '68s ideas, followers, and musicians, it also appears to be following in the same footsteps of claiming to be non-violent while advocating potentially violent actions--progress and change indeed

•NY TImes' critique of DNCC's handling of the DNC raises questions about Democrats' ability to plan/organize/govern; no less than Aaron Myers, the director of online communications for the DNCC, shows up in comments to refute the paper of record's accusations

•Planners of the massive "pro-immigration" march on the second day of the DNC expect 50000, do not have permits to march along their preferred route, and have invited Barack Obama to join them

Rush Limbaugh weighs in again on Recreate '68 and the DNC

•Drunkablog establishes that Glenn Spagnuolo and his minions at Recreate '68 have managed to alienate, well, just about everyone (with plenty of links):
So let's tot up the score. Feminists hate !Recreate68 because it's a patriarchal hellhole stuffed full of imperialist "brother dicks"; Troofers hate R!68 because even R!68 figured out that Troofer-brand craziness is a liability; middle-class white peaceniks hate R6!8 because R68! wants violence; and now blacks hate R68!! because it comes off as, well, racist.
D-blog examines the city's plans to keep the homeless of Denver in Denver during the DNC (with flat-screen TVs!) and notes the NY Times' coverage of the move

D-blog tries to keep up with who's in and who's out (mostly out) of Recreate '68 after the recent internecine squabbles
•DemConWatch--says the LA Times has confirmed that Barack Obama's acceptance speech will be at Invesco Field, not Pepsi Center, MSM plans emergency meeting to confront logistical nightmare; announcement on venue change to come Monday; Obama campaign remains unhappy with DNC preparations

•DemConWatch--the last time outdoor speech was tried (1960/JFK/Coliseum in LA), it didn't go so well, managing to tick off the MSM of the day who noticed (and reported) the half-empty stadium, despite a year of planning

•DemConWatch--has a short roundup; extensive details on the traveling Presidential memorabilia exhibit planned for Invesco Field's parking lot during the DNC; MSM plans only 1 hour of coverage a night, relegating "gavel-to-gavel" coverage to cable, Internet
The Colorado Independent reveals some "street art" that has gone up in anticipation of the DNC--featuring John McCain as the Grim Reaper and the MSM as--wait for it--vultures; more expensive DNC events and potential celebrity sitings; supporters of Hillary Clinton plan to demand a roll-call vote at the convention to preserve the "democratic process"

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