May 18, 2008

SP's Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 99

From now until the Democratic National Convention in August, SP will feature a daily digest of convention-related news in addition to the widely read coverage of the moonbat protestors planning to converge in Denver August 25-28th. The numbers will be in reverse order, counting down to the convention.

The posts will appear around noon every day, but will be updated throughout the day as MSM stories, relevant blog posts, and breaking news becomes available (and more numerous). As a digest, each post will feature links and short blurbs--commentary will be left for other posts (and will be linked to, when available, following the story itself). Regular commenters--you know who you are--and all faithful readers are encouraged to leave any additional links in the comments section. These will be promoted to the main entry itself.

Also, as an additional incentive to make these posts more interactive, each daily digest will serve as an open thread for any other DNC-related commentary, assessment, reaction, etc.--so have at it!

First up--Rocky Mountain News presents 100 people to ponder, issues to consider, details to resolve, and most importantly, questions remaining to be answered ahead of the DNC.

Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb (a Hillary Clinton national campaign co-chair) will be throwing a "why can't all Democrats get along" party to hopefully rebuild a potentially fractured and certainly exhausted Dem camp--featuring stars Pam Grier, Boyz II Men, and Chauncey Billups.

There is still a ton of cash to be raised by the host committee
--$40.6 million by June 16 (with around $25 million in hand), and plans are being finalized for delegate transportation (250 buses, 400 motor pool vehicles for party big wigs), volunteers, and the Pepsi Center staging.

The state-by-state blogger corps has been selected

There were a combined 116 pages of delegate candidates up for 12 at-large and two alternate positions for the DNC--70 pages of Obama supporters, the rest for Clinton.

Drunkablog has an examination of anti-war protestors' potential "get-rich-quick" lawsuit scheme no doubt planned for the upcoming DNC, dubbed the "Activists' Retirement Plan"--but don't question their patriotism.

"First Amendment concerns" are behind the lawsuits filed in Minnesota (RNC) and Colorado (DNC) over planned protest parade route disclosure.

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