March 27, 2008

Schaffer V Udall Named Best State Political Blog For Colorado By Washington Post's "The Fix"

First edition of the WashPost's "Best State Political Blogs"

From Chris Cillizza's WashPost blog, The Fix:
Blog Roll: The Best of State Political Blogs

During The Fix's semi-vacation last week, Fixistas for were asked to chime in with their favorite state-based political blogs. We've found over the last few years that these state-based blogs are often the best repositories for good links and good analysis about races up and down the ballot.

As expected, the Fix community responded, offering links to a blog (or blogs) from 24 states. You can find all of those links after the jump.

But we're only halfway there! The goal of this project is to have at least one good state-based blog in each of the 50 states. We've still got 26 to go. So, if your home state (or adopted home state) isn't mentioned below, sound off in the comments section and help us get all 50 states covered.

One other caveat before we get to the list. The sites listed on the next page come from recommendations by our readers. Many of these blogs have a clear partisan lean. We are not endorsing the views expressed in any of these blogs; rather; The Fix is seeking to serve as a vessel of our readers' likes and dislikes.

Disagree with any of the blogs we have cited? See a state mentioned but its best blog missing. The comments section awaits.

Without further ado, here's our best of the state blogs!
If you haven't taken the time, there are some really great state-level blogs. Check them out.

As we expect this "best of" ranking to evolve over the course of this year's campaign, and openly welcome the addition of other Colorado blogs from either side of the aisle, it is clear that we have our work cut out for us. Special thanks to my colleagues Ben DeGrow and a watcher for leading the way on the blog.

We'll keep you informed at Schaffer v Udall--do drop in, send us tips, or leave us your quips.

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