March 25, 2008

Recreate '68 Organizer Glenn Spagnuolo Profiled; Radical Convention Preparations Continue

In an article about him that he says he doesn't want to be about him, Recreate '68 spokeshoncho Glenn Spagnuolo receives even more time in the spotlight (via Drunkablog, who has a more thoroughly analyzed and deconstructed take on Spagnadoodle's hagiography):
The self-described eternal optimist who believes that revolutionary politics are the best way to address a government that "needs to be completely eliminated and replaced" is sipping on a morning coffee at the Gypsy House Cafe, doing his absolute best to avoid being profiled in a newspaper he doesn't have much use for.

Not that Glenn Spagnuolo is being rude about it. No, his tone is downright cordial as he explains he doesn't want to be "some fluff piece." He insists that "the media tends to make leaders" and "I don't want to get caught in the cult of personality stuff" because "I'm interested in the issues being covered, not me."
Quit hogging the media, Glenn. The other "revolutionaries" are getting jealous.

Meanwhile, protestors will be tuning up for the DNC and RNC by getting their radical funk on in the coming months (Drunkablog has the schedule), including this networking gem you won't wanna miss:
People's Networking Convention: August 15-17, Madison, Wisconsin - The People's Networking Convention, or the PNC, will provide a space for discussion and debate of non-elections based organizing. The event aims to create an atmosphere of support and collaboration in our efforts against the government's domination and the injustices that come with an exploitative economy. It will be an opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and discussion related to grassroots democracy in our communities. Speakers invited include Howard Zinn, Derrick Jensen, bell hooks, Starhawk, and Ward Churchill.

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