March 27, 2008

Anti-War Moonbats Ink Record Deal

Denver anti-war rally regular Jonny 5 of the Flobots:

More Jonny 5 about 5:45 in, but watch the whole thing to see some Raging Grannies sing, and poet SUZI-Q call for Lockheed Martin to be destroyed:

The sellout is complete--at least the label will be "sensitive" to the group's second life as "full-time activists":
The Flobots, a Denver hip-hop troupe with an activist-oriented philosophy, have signed a major label deal with Universal Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group.

The band signed with Universal Republic on Tuesday, capping a trip to Los Angeles that included a gig at the Troubadour that acquainted the group with its new label and booking agency, they told The Denver Post in an exclusive interview today.

"When the majors started approaching us, we never really saw ourselves signed to major label," said bass player Jesse Walker. "We never believed that we would get the things that we really needed on a major. But when Universal approached, more so than any other label, they made an effort to try and understand who we are as a band."
. . .
"We got a very progressive record deal," said guitarist Andy Guerrero. "It's allowed us to be full-time activists and musicians, which is pretty amazing."
. . .
It helps, too, that the label is as excited about the band's nonprofit organization,, as they are. The organization will link bands and fans with custom-made volunteering opportunities, and "the idea that we can take this to a national platform, combining music and activism that way, was something we couldn't pass up," said Jonny 5. "I really do think that this band's success is one manifestation of a larger movement that's going on out there. We're hungry for hope and change, and we're seeing that manifesting in different ways right now."
Now the rest of country can enjoy the inane moonbat hip-hop stylings of the Flobots.



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