March 27, 2008

Colorado Shooter Matthew Murray Update--Obsessed With Satan, Child Pr0n

A photograph of Matthew Murray's bedroom was released by investigators on March 27, 2008. (Arvada Police)

Another update (click for archives) on Colorado church shooter, Matthew Murray:
An investigative report on the shooting at the Youth with a Mission Training Center paints a dark picture of the gunman responsible, showing how he was obsessed with both Satanic and religious texts and filled his computer with pornography, including child porn.
They don't teach that in homeschool.

Matthew Murray's room was "in disarray," the report said. Officials found ammunition but no explosive devices. There was a book called "Practical Homicide: How to Survive a Tactical Shooting." Other books found were on witchcraft, Satanism and the Masons. The books were "clearly visible," the report said.

The Arvada police report indicates that experts found more than 500,000 images on Murray's computer, including adult pornography, child pornography and homosexual pornography.

He had downloads about Columbine gunmen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Platte Canyon School shootings and the Virginia Tech shootings. Experts later did a forensic analysis of the computer and found 444 connections to Columbine. There were 33 to Virginia Tech.

Investigators found a map of the location of a CTI co-worker's residence. Murray had been laid off from Central Telecom Inc., police said, and there had been conflicts there between Murray and his co-workers.

There also was a map for a "gnostic Mass" scheduled for the evening of Dec. 8.

The service was organized by Ad Astra Oasis, a gnostic organization that had asked Murray to distance himself from the group.
500,000 images!

The new reports begin to complete the picture of a life and mind in disarray, and the premeditated effort to lash out.

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