March 14, 2008

Not Just JeffCo--Concealed Carry Permit Requests Up Across Colorado

Two days ago we reported on the jump in the number of people seeking concealed carry permits in Jefferson County, citing personal safety and the control of the legistlatures by the Democrats at state and federal levels.

Well, its not just a county trend:
Applications for concealed-weapon permits have skyrocketed in Colorado, with the increase fueled by everything from heavily publicized mass shootings to routine renewals, according to the state's sheriffs.

In 2007, 9,880 people statewide sought permits, compared with 6,649 people in 2006 and 6,670 people in 2005, according to the County Sheriffs of Colorado. And the surge has continued into 2008 in several counties.

Law-enforcement experts have different ideas on why more people want to carry concealed weapons. Some believe it is due to a rash of violent outbreaks at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and a mall in Utah.

Some sheriff's offices believe churches concerned about protecting their flocks are seeking concealed-carry permits. Another official believes many of the initial batch of five-year permits in the state are expiring soon and that people are simply renewing applications. Those seeking permits are not required to explain why they want to carry a weapon. Whatever the reason, the trend is real.

"People want to defend themselves," said Doug Davis, president of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition. "That's why they get permits."
At least we have that right--to defend ourselves--at least for the present.

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