March 16, 2008

March 2008 Denver Anti-War Rally; Poet Calls To "Burn Down Lockheed Martin," Crowd Cheers

Scroll for pics . . .

Poet "SUZI motherf#@*in' Q" calls for Lockheed Martin to be burned down--"I'm not saying I'd like to kill the president"--crowd cheers (around 3:40 in):

Final estimate--300 anti-war moonbats, plenty of anger and rage, and a very "musical" rally overall.

The Drunkablog has an extensive collection of photos from the rally--and an interesting encounter with Ward Churchill acolyte Glenn Spagnuolo, one of the heads of Recreate '68.

Correspondent "randomridge" was also there, and has a warning: ¡Peligro: Moonbattismo! The captions are priceless.

The calm before the storm--a foot of snow expected by Monday evening

While the rally gets set up, I took the time to remember those who have served

What would a rally be without bongos drums?

AFSC had a few of these banners around

The only torture in Denver was the overwhelming sense of smugness

Peace flags a-flyin', while a mournful cello played

Raging Grannies serenaded the early arrivers

A little tai chi to warm up for today's activism

Alternate party supporters were out in force--all three of them!

The rally started a little late, waiting for everyone to show up

An inflatable George W. Bush doll says "Impeach Me"

Keffiyehs and Palestinian flags were in abundance

Ah, good ol' Che!

Israoil--how clever

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